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Dadah Is Death (1988)



Director: Jerry London
Writer: Bill Kerby
Also Known As:
Barlow and Chambers: A Long Way from Home
Deadly Decision


Julie Christie … Barbara Barlow
Hugo Weaving … Geoffrey Chambers
John Polson … Kevin Barlow
Sarah Jessica Parker … Rachel Goldman
Kerry Armstrong … Shawn Burton
Robin Ramsay … Wilf Barlow
Victor Banerjee … Karpal Singh
Shapoor Batliwalla … Nagendram

This two-part TV movie, produced in Australia, was based on the tragically true story of an Australian teenager, Kevin Barlow (John Polson), condemned to death for dealing in drugs in Malaysia. In part one we find out how Barlow and his friend Geoffrey Chambers (H. Weaving) on Malaysia’s death row. In part two, Barlow’s mother (Julie Christie) races desperately against time to save her son from the gallows. She enlists the support of the Queen of England, the Pope, and a large international organization of concerned citizens–but the Malaysian government remains unmoved.

“Tell your moronic mother I said thanks: that publicity pig guaranteed us the gallows from the start. Your family is English for god’s sake ~ no wonder the Empire’s gone. Don’t you Pommies understand? Don’t you know when to keep quiet? We’re being hanged ~ it’s a matter of pride…”

“I’m sorry for this, for bringing you here…”

“Kev, mate, what am I going to do? I’m afraid…”

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