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Halifax f.p: Isn’t It Romantic (1997)



Director: David Caesar
Writers: Jutta Goetze (story), Katherine Thompson

Rebecca Gibney … Jane Halifax
Hugo Weaving … Det. Sgt. Tom Hurkos
Bruce Spence … Eric Washburn
Clodagh Crowe … Det. Snr Con Sylvie Manganaris
Grant Piro … Terry Landsdown
Neil Melville … Det. Snr Sgt. Jim Dettman
Bruce Hughes … Ian Turner
Roger Oakley … Frank Bailey
Margot Knight … Sue Bailey

Jane is preparing to be bridesmaid at her friend’s Greek wedding and together with having a worrying throat problem, she is working on a case where three women have been strangled. Psychic, Eric Washburn, tells the police that the killer will strike again.

Initially sceptical, Jane discovers that Washburn senses her throat problems and warns Jane to take great care. He ‘sees’ her covered in blood. After a failed attempt to trap the killer, it is up to Jane to goad him into killing again.

Halifax: “So it doesn’t matter if you bend the rules, the means justifies the end?”
Dt. Hurkos: “Look, it’s nothing personal. I just can’t stand shrinks who think they’re detectives”
Halifax: “And detectives who think they’re God?”
Dt. Hurkos: “You haven’t got a confession though. Word is he’s a long way from spilling his guts.”
Halifax: “Oh and what do you suggest, that we massage his head with a telephone directory?”

Dt. Hurkos: “You were spot-on weren’t you?”
Halifax: “Yeah well, sometimes being right isn’t good enough”

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