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Happy Feet (2006)



Director: George Miller
Writers: Warren Coleman, John Collee


Elijah Wood … Voice of Mumble
Robin Williams … Voice of Noah, Ramone, Adelie, Lovelace
Brittany Murphy … Voice of Gloria
Hugh Jackman … Voice of Memphis
Nicole Kidman … Voice of Norma Jean
Hugo Weaving … Voice of Noah the Elder
Anthony LaPaglia … Voice
Miriam Margolyes … Voice
Carlos Alazraqui … Voice
Denise Blasor … Voice
Khamani Griffin … Voice
Alyssa Shafer … Voice
Savion Glover … (featuring the tap dancing of)

The ageing partriarch of Empearor Land trying to hold his beloved community together through difficult times. Supported by a cadre of Elders, Noah is a forceful leader, but he struggles to withstand the winds of change. Mumbles and his ‘happy feet’ pose a threat to his authority and the dignity of his proud Emperor Nation.

“Happy Feet” is set deep in Antarctica. Into the land of Emperor Penguins, where each needs a heart song to attract a soul mate, a penguin is born who cannot sing. Our hero Mumble, son of Memphis and Norma Jean, is the worst singer in the world…however, as it happens, he is a brilliant tap dancer!