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Riflemind (2007)


Sydney Theatre Company

Playwright: Andrew Upton
Director: Philip Seymour Hoffmann

October 5 – November 18 2007 @ Wharf 1

John (the band’s frontman) … Hugo Weaving
Susie Porter … Cindy
Susan Prior … Lynn
Marton Csokas … Phi
Steve Rodgers … Moon
Jeremy Sims … Sam
Ewen Leslie … Lee

John (Hugo Weaving) was once the frontman in one of the world’s biggest bans, Riflemind. Now John and his wife Lynn are safe from the world in their walled country house. Money and anonymity, however, won’t protect them from themselves or their past.
Fame and its attendant luxuries are addictive. Addictions almost ruined both their lives. Well away from that life they are now safe. Unhappy, silent, fragile, but safe. Until the pressure of a comeback tour bears down upon John. And the band simply can not work without him. Crunch time. A weekend of music-making is planned at John and Lynn’s estate.
As soon as the band turns up – plus their associated spouses, lovers and hangers-on – it’s a rock’n’roll circus. Riflemind captures, with delicacy, precision and a beguiling black humour, a series of relationships languishing in the backwaters of co-dependent love, greed and need. Despite, or because of, their apparent affluence, social privilege, preposterous egos, septic past and rock-god lifestyle, each of them struggles to find redemption.
Over this weekend they will open old wounds, lose their way, play great music and, perhaps, stumble into a more certain future.

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