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The City’s Edge (1983)



Director: Ken Quinnel
Writers: W.A. Harbinson (novel), Robert J. Merritt

Hugo Weaving … Andy White
Tommy Lewis … Jack Collins
Shirley Cameron … Caretaker
Mark Lee … Jim Wentworth
Ralph Cotterill … Horrie
Julie McGregor … Goldilocks
Alan Becher … Williams
Katrina Foster … Laura Wentworth
Martin Sacks … Youth at Party
Sno Norton-Sinclair … Girl Junkie
Tim McLean … Boy Junkie
Joanne Samuel … Prostitute 1
Susan Leith … Prostitute 2
Zoro … Stripper
Ian Mortimer … Thug 1

Small film about a young man (Weaving) who moves into a boardinghouse in a marginal part of Sydney in an effort to come to terms with his father’s death and become a writer. He gets enmeshed in the lives of the boarders, including a junkie, his sister, and an aboriginal activist.

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