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The Interview (1998)



Director: Craig Monahan
Writers: Craig Monahan and Gordon Davie

Awards, including:
– Australian Film Institute – Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
– Montréal Film Festival – Best Actor

Hugo Weaving … Eddie Rodney Fleming
Tony Martin … Det. Sgt. John Steele
Aaron Jeffery … Det. Sr. Const. Wayne Prior
Paul Sonkkila … Det. Insp. Jackson
Michael Caton … Barry Walls
Peter McCauley … Det. Hudson
Glynis Angel … Det. Robran
Leverne McDonnell … Solicitor
Libby Stone … Mrs. Beecroft
Andrew Bayly … Const. Prowse
Doug Dew … Beecroft

Innocent man, or serial killer? In this fascinating and brilliantly executed crime thriller, Hugo Weaving stars as Eddie Fleming, a loner whose uncertain innocence or guilt elevates to an edge-of-the-seat mind-game.

In the early hours of the morning, Eddie is abruptly grabbed by the police as the prime suspect of an unsolved crime. Scared and confused, Eddie firmly defends his innocence despite the unrelenting, strong-armed tactics of his interrogators, Detective Steele (Tony Martin) and Detective Senior Constable Wayne Prior (Aaron Jeffrey – Strange Planet).

Is Eddie the victim of Detective Steele’s obsession to discover the truth, or is he a clever killer? (from the DVD cover)

Chief inspector: “Doesn’t look like Fleming to me…”

Det. Steele “We’re all what our parents make us Mr. Fleming…”

“I told them what they wanted to hear…”

“It’s a matter of being reasonable…”

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