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The Perfectionist (1982+1984)


Sidney Theatre Company

Playwright: David Williamson
Director: Rodney Fisher

1982: World Premiere Season at The Drama Theatre of the Sydney Opera House
1984: American Premiere Season at The Dock Street Theatre, Charleston

Robyn Nevin … Barbara
Peter Carroll … Stuart
Hugo Weaving … Erik
Diana Davidson … Shirley
Noel Ferrier … Jack

Williamson’s continuing examination of modern marriage follows a pair of academics (Barbara and Stuart) from Denmark to Sydney as they blunder along the rival paths of career and parenthood.

Hugo plays Erik Larson, a laid back, gentle, flirtatious, middle-class Danish Marxist hired by Barbara as a childminder.

“The teacher has power over the student, the parent power over the child, the husband has power over the wife ~ everywhere people are told what they must do…any society which results in everyone having to do what they’re told isn’t very nice”

“I read him about the jolly swagman and the billabong, which is quite a strong political statement, by the way…this guy takes a sheep because he’s hungry and the police drown him”

“If everyone is making love they forget about injustice and the class struggle and revolution…to put it real flatly, to have sex for fun in a world full of poverty and need is not such a smart thing”

To Stuart: “When Barbara is here I play romantic tunes on the piano and, yeah, eyes across a crowded room and all that crazy stuff – which is all pretty nice for sure…but then again it’s not so honest for someone with my beliefs, right. So I’m sorry or whatever”

To Stuart: “Let’s say I have eyes, let’s say I can see. Stuart you must let her out of her chains”

To Barbara: “You think I am going to fall out of love when I see the first wrinkle or something, because if that’s your method of thinking then I don’t think you really know Erik Larsen”

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