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Waiting for Godot (2015)


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Official Site – Barbican Centre

Playwright: Samuel Beckett
Director: Tamas Ascher, Andrew Upton

November 12 – December 21, 2013 @ Sydney Theatre
June 4 – June 13, 2015 @ Barbican Centre

Richard Roxburgh
Hugo Weaving
Philip Quast
Luke Mullins

Waiting for Godot is one of those epoch-defining works of art. It was met with bewilderment upon its premiere, yet went on to be one of the most lauded plays of the 20th century.

An incredible roll call of actors and directors have wrought interpretations of Beckett’s fascinatingly elusive masterpiece – its debut in English was directed by a 24-year-old Peter Hall; the ever-patient Vladimir and Estragon have been played by actors including Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall and Nathan Lane. It has inspired, or been quoted in, a vast array of novels, films and plays – even an episode of Sesame Street.

In 2013, Hugo Weaving and Richard Roxburgh will make their mark, reunited with Uncle Vanya director Tamás Ascher, who has been tempted by this once-in-a-generation casting coup to create his third interpretation of Beckett’s masterpiece. Fuelled by high culture, complex philosophy and vaudevillian slapstick, the duo will face the void and slip on the banana skin of meaninglessness.

What’s it about? Nothing and everything: a bleak yet still hilarious canvas upon which countless critics, artists and audiences have projected endless different readings. Over to you.

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