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Movietime/ABC with Julie Rigg276 viewsJuly 3, 2009

Hugo Weaving first made an impact as the young man in Proof. He's an actor who works regularly in large and complex stage roles, and in the odd Hollywood blockbuster, while keeping his allegiance to Australian culture. He's one of the more thoughtful actors we have, and something of a chameleon. When you've seen him roughed up and whiskered in Little Fish, or Last Ride, it's something of a shock to meet the quietly spoken, polished Weaving offscreen.
North West Morning 02sep08 - Last Ride167 viewsHugo Weaving on North and West Mornings
If you think back over the years there's been a host of iconic films made in the South Australian outback. Gallipoli, Sunday too far away, Mad Max and Kangaroo to remember a small sample.

Well the next successful film to come out of the area could be the low budget but high profile "The Last Ride". It is directed by a Cannes Film Festival winner and stars Hugo Weaving from Pricilla Queen of the Desert fame and The Matrix.

Kieran Weir spoke to Hugo when he was on the final days of shooting up in Wilpena.
Nova Radio - June 19, 2009100 viewsHugo Weaving surprised the breakfast team by dropping into the office this morning. They thought it was going to be a phone interview!
Weaving a Tangled Web - RTR FM 18jun10 - Breakfast with Barr159 viewsAustralian actor Hugo Weaving employed dirty bowling tricks in ‘Bodyline’, sported a fine set of pins in ‘Priscilla’, pursued Keanu Reeves through the Matrix, was Lord of Rivendell in ‘Lord of the Rings’, and now is on the run from the law with his young son along for the journey.
In his latest movie ‘Last Ride’, Hugo Weaving takes us into the ravishing beauty of the Australian desert and to the centre of a troubled father-son relationship.
Hugo interviewed on Urban Cinefile - June 9, 2009176 viewsUrban Cinefile
Hugo Weaving on playing a tough nut, ex jailbird with anger management issues – and a son; and Glendyn Ivin on the zeitgeist breeding films about fathers and sons on troubled circumstances. He first sat down to read the script wondering “how crap it will be” – but within a dozen pages, he was hooked. They spoke to Andrew L. Urban on the eve of the film’s release.
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