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…Almost (1990)



Director: Michael Pattinson
Writer: Suzanna Hawley
Also Known As: Wendy Cracked a Walnut

Rosanna Arquette … Wendy
Bruce Spence … Ronnie
Hugo Weaving … Jake
Kerry Walker … Deidre
Douglas Hedge … Mr. Leveredge
Doreen Warburton … Elsie
Desirée Smith … Cynthia
Jeraldine Sylbing … Mary (as Jereldine Sylbing)
Betty Lucas … Mrs. Taggart
Dennis Hoey … Sonny Taggart (as David Hoey)
Susan Lyons … Caroline
William McInnes … Ralph
Jennifer Hagan … Miss Hound
Barry Jenkins … Pierre Dalmonte
Jan Adele … Marjorie

Romantic comedy that mixes magical realism with traditional Australian urban-outback contrasts. The plot centers on a bored woman (the eponymous Wendy) who conjures up the perfect lover, Jake, while her husband is out on the road suffering comical mishaps.

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