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Bedrooms and Hallways (1998)



Director: Rose Troche
Writer: Robert Farrar


Kevin McKidd … Leo
Julie Graham … Angie
Simon Callow … Keith
Con O’Neill … Terry
Harriet Walter … Sybil
Christopher Fulford … Adam
James Purefoy … Brendan
Jennifer Ehle … Sally
Tom Hollander … Darren
Hugo Weaving … Jeremy
Paul Higgins … John

Leo (Kevin McKidd) is an endearing pup of a blue-eyed lad looking for old-fashioned romance with a happily ever after. Convinced to join a friend’s drum-thumping New Men’s Group (“Let these strong loving men heal you!” begs leader Simon Callow, who all but steals the film as a man in touch with his inner guru), Leo confesses an attraction to another member of the circle in the spirit of sharing. He’s the only gay man in the group but his confession starts a cascade of sexual reassessment, all encouraged by Callow’s hilarious new age Iron John.

Meanwhile Leo’s gadfly of a roommate is having sex in other people’s bedrooms all over town with his new real estate agent lover (a sly, haughtily confident Hugo Weaving) and Leo reconnects with his childhood girlfriend Sally (Jennifer Ehle), who brightens the film with her sunny smile and wounded yet spirited tenderness. (from Review)

[Someone knocks at the front door]. Darren: “I’m going.”
[Jeremy trips him up, pinning him down on the floor.] Jeremy [growling softly]: “Oh, no you’re not…”

Darren: “Do you think our relationship has an over-emphasis on the physical?”
Jeremy: “Don’t be soft”

“I want you stark bollock naked!”

“Stop squealing you little tart!”

“Huge am I? Say it again…”

Darren: [describing Jeremy] “Seething animal passions about to erupt through the pie crust of decorum.”

Leo: “Who is it?”
Darren: “I’m not sure, but his voice washed over me like a dark, powerful river.”

Darren: “All relationships end. You either split up or you die.”

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