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Bordertown (1995)



Directors: Ken Cameron, Ian Gilmour
Writers: John Alsop, Sue Smith

Ray Barrett … Colonel Forsythe
Cate Blanchett … Bianca
Mitchell Butel … Nino Della Vergine
Linda Cropper … Bev Stafford
Petru Gheorghiu … Dante
Sophie Heathcote … Peggy
Kim Hillas … Maeve
Melita Jurisic … Adrianna Leeuwen
Norman Kaye … Pieter Leeuwen
Robert Mammone … Cesare
Alex Menglet … Mihaly Bassa
Geoff Morrell … Bates
Joe Petruzzi … Joe Della Vergine
Joshua Rosenthal … Dave
Peta Toppano … Diomira
Christine Tremarco … Louise Pearson
Hugo Weaving … Kenneth Pearson

To the outside, Baringa appears bleak and remote: a converted army barracks in a dusty, isolated region of Australia, miles from the sea. It is hardly the place you would pick to start a new life, but for its inhabitants, it’s where their dreams begin (and sometimes are crumbled).

But the rough Australian landscape and lack of luxuries cannot deter the temporary inhabitants of Baringa. They flock from Italy, the Netherlands, England and beyond to gain a foothold on a new existence. Among their number are craftsmen, tormented lovers, rigid military types and drifters with a criminal past. Their languages and goals may differ, but this diverse population is united in their hopes of a fresh start, a break that will finally change their luck. (from the DVD cover)

Although it can hardly be defined as Hugo-centric, this tv-movie is very enjoyable and despite its nine hours length, you just want to find out more and more about the characters, some more interesting than others, but all contributing to an amazing ensemble performance! The chemistry between Hugo Weaving and Christine Tremarco (who plays Kenneth’s daughter) was especially impressing and touching.

“Why does anybody die? I suppose it’d get a bit overcrowded if we all hung around…”

“…satisfied? I haven’t been this satisfied since I opened my veins in the bath…”

“I beg your pardon, I must have slipped into Swahili again…”

To his barber: “Not too much off the top… if you can find any…”

On knowing when love is the Real Thing: “I don’t know that I ever did…until it was too late…”

On a malicious joke to teach him to hate: “It’s too late! I’ve been practicing on myself for years…”

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