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Don’s Party (1988)


Kinselas Productions, Sidney Opera House

Playwright: David Williamson
Director: Graham Blundell

Steve Bisely … Cooley
Brandon Burke
Gia Carides … Susan
Nicholas Eadie … Don
Peter Fisher
Deborah Kennedy
Julie Nihill … Kath
Lynda Stoner
Geraldine Turner
Hugo Weaving … Mal
Bill Young

On election night 1969, Don and Kath give a party to watch the results. As the tide turns against Labor, the bawdy good cheer palls and the faded ideals and disappointed hopes of the characters begin to show. Williamson’s first long-running commercial success.

“The Liberals are going to get it up the arse”

To Jody: “It’s one thing to vote Liberal but another thing to admit it. I think you’re quite courageous”

“G’day shithead. Where’s that bitch of a wife of yours?”
Mack: “I’ve left her”

To Kerry: “You know of course that I would like to have an affair with you, so I’ll be frank and just say that. How does that appeal to you?”
Kerry: “I’m afraid it doesn’t”
“Well that’s…er…very frank of you”

“My wife. She’s the bitch in the hostile stupor over there in the corner”

“I didn’t come here to have aspersions cast on my masculinity. I came here to admire Susan at close range”

“Look you! If you want to contribute to this debate, contribute! If not, piss off!”

Winding up Cooley: “He looks rather beautiful when he’s angry, don’t you think? You can see why we found him irresistible”

“Put a hand on a woman’s bum you get crippled. Isn’t that just too middle class?”

To best friend Don: “Look. I don’t want you to take this as an insult, fella ~ and what I say I say as a friend ~ but you are a weak turd”

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