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For Love Alone (1986)



Director: Stephen Wallace
Writers: Christina Stead (novel), Stephen Wallace


Helen Buday … Teresa
Sam Neill … James Quick
Hugo Weaving … Johnathan Crow
Huw Williams … Harry
Hugh Keays-Byrne … Andrew
Odile Le Clezio … Kitty
John Polson … Leo
Nicholas Opolski … Lance
Judi Farr … Aunt Bea
Anna Phillips … Anne
Tracey Higginson … Malfi
Regina Gaigalas … Jean
Naomi Watts … Leo’s Girlfriend
Linden Wilkinson … Miss Haviland
Susie Lindeman … Clare

A poor young woman in 1930’s Australia (Buday) falls in love with a dashing but arrogant teacher (Weaving) who preaches free love and watered down socialist precepts. She follows him to England, meeting a gentle banker (Neill) enroute. The film follows her relationships as they are transformed in England.

“You women with your high ideals of love and romance: you;re your own worst enemy. Your image of marriage and your find emotions are not for me. I come from the slums where we don’t have such ‘ideals’: we marry early and have a family”

“I was born into the wrong class: no property, no family influence; just willpower”

“I could have made you a bet about all this: about women’s degrading greed for men”

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