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Frauds (1993)



Director/Writer: Stephan Elliott


Phil Collins … Roland Copping
Hugo Weaving … Jonathan Wheats
Josephine Byrnes … Beth Wheats
Mitchell McMahon … Young Roland Copping
Andrew McMahon … Young Matthew
Rebel Penfold-Russell … … Mother (as Rebel Russell)
Peter Mochrie … Michael Allen
Helen O’Connor … Margaret
Colleen Clifford … Mrs. Waterson
Vincent Ball … Judge
Gandhi MacIntyre … Cartel Valuer
Christina Ormani … Telephone Girl
Nicholas Hammond … Detective Simms
Kee Chan … Detective Alan
Ian Cockburn … Matthew

When an upscale yuppie couple (Byrnes and Weaving) files a claim for losses suffered during a botched robbery attempt, Roland Copping (Collins), an outrageous, in-your-face insurance investigator with a taste for practical jokes and blackmail, gets on their case.

Uncovering an insurance scam, he starts a scam of his own, taking the couple for all they’re worth. Operating out of a bizarre fun house of a home that’s filled to the rafters with toys, games, clowns and contraptions, Roland takes his victims on a wildly humorous ride through a carnival sideshow of slightly twisted human emotions. (from the VHS cover)

Beth: “What are they doing out there?”
Friend: “They’re playing with their toy soldiers, cute, eh? […]”
Beth: “Well I thought dragging Jonathan down the aisle might knock it out of him…”

Jonathan: “…down here we have the bad guys, the French. And when the sun goes down, the bad guys are going to sneak up to the good guys and kick the living daylights out of them…”

Beth: “You remember…when we had fun..”
Jonathan: “Not really…”

Jonathan: “it’s so simple: you spend half your life drowning in interest rates, mortgage, and then one day you come home…your home has been stripped and whammo! you can buy the new car. Everyone does it. It’s simple, nothing could go wrong…except you coming home…”

Roland: “Hope to see you soon.”
Jonathan: “Don’t hold your breath.”

Roland: “4,5,6…you get to be my slave for one hour…”

(On the front door of Roland’s house) WARNING this house has no security system

Roland: “She’s a little bit tied up at the moment.”

Roland: “You bastard!”
Jonathan: “Flattery will get you nowhere…”

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