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Gallipoli: The First Day (2009)


Official site

Narrator: Lucy Bell

Diaries and letters read by:
Hugo Weaving
Quentin McDermott
Vecihi Başarin
Yusuf Nidai

Quick tour narrated by Chris Winter

Video Interviews:
Peter Cosgrove
Chris Masters
Les Carlyon
Gary Oakley
Christopher Pugsley
John Howard
Murat Ersavci
Harvey Broadbent

Gallipoli: The First Day was created when ABC Innovation producer Meena Tharmarajah saw the terrain at Anzac Cove and realised that seeing the terrain gave her a whole new perspective on the battle. She realised that you could use mapping technologies that are now available to tell the story of these events in a recreation of that environment, giving people a far deeper insight. It would be the next best thing to being there.
This germ of an idea became a reality with the launch of Flash 10 and its ability to support 3D. This site was built in a Flash 10 /Flex 3D environment and overall it runs in a browser. What this means, is that one simple download of Flash player allows you to experience the full richness of this site and its contents.

The 3D Map of the peninsula was built using topographic data taken from 1916 Turkish maps. Surveys of all the Gallipoli battlefields were made in 1916 by the Turkish Mapping Directorate under Brigadier General Mehmet Şevki Paşa and 43 maps were made. As the data is true to the period our 3D map doesn’t show contemporary building developments and roads. Sydney University Archaeology Department then supplied the GIS data used to shape and create the terrain topography.

The scenes that tell the story of the day were created in 3D using Cinema4D software. The models of soldiers and objects that populate these scenes were meticulously created for Gallipoli by Plastic Wax, Sydney, based on photographs and descriptions recorded at Gallipoli. Melbourne based sound designer and composer Roberto Salvatore recorded authentic artillery preserved by Fort Queenscliff Museum in Victoria to create a dramatic backdrop against which the story is told by acclaimed Australian actress Lucy Bell. Throughout the landscape, other voices permeate: that of those who were there. The men who survived the horrifying slaughter of the first day record the events they experienced in diaries, and letters. They are respectfully given voice by a cast of talented actors, including one of Australia’s finest, Hugo Weaving.

The Experts
Harvey Broadbent is a well known authority on the Gallipoli campaign. He carefully supervised the collection of information, strategy and detail about the events of the day to ensure accuracy and offer an even handed telling of events from both sides. His in depth understanding of the day’s events allowed us to plot the course of events and movement of people across the terrain and drawn connections in an entirely new way. In addition, video interviews conducted for the ABC by Harvey with Gallipoli veterans in the 1980s form an integral part of this story and segments are available throughout the site as video files. This site also uses authentic source photographs, maps and records from a number of leading institutions including the Australian War Memorial and the Turkish General Staff Archives in Ankara.

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