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…Maybe This Time (1980)



Director: Chris McGill
Writers: Ann Brooksbank, Bob Ellis


Judy Morris … Fran
Bill Hunter … Stephen
Michael Preston … Paddy
Jill Perryman … Mother
Ken Shorter … Alan
Michele Fawdon … Margo
Leonard Teale … The Minister
Chris Haywood … The Salesman
Rod Mullinar … Jack
Jude Kuring … Meredith
Lorna Lesley … Suy Williams
Lyndall Barbour … Miss Bates
Celia De Burgh … Paddy’s girl
Lyn Collingwood … Myrtle
Gillian Hyde … Miss Peterson
Willie Fennell . … Mr. Todd
Tessa Mallos … Sarah
Madeleine Blackwell … Bronwyn
Les Foxcroft … Member of Parliament
Simon Burvill-Holmes … Daryl
Monroe Reimers … Indian
Hugo Weaving … Student2

This Australian film centres on Judy Morris as Fran, a university research assistant at a crisis as she turns 30, and re-evaluating the men in her life. That the screenplay contains no great drama doesn’t distract from what is a pleasant if ultimately unsubstantial viewing experience. One can hardly complain about the obtuseness of a denouement, where the heroine’s choice is to run away, when what she runs from is just as weightless.

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