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Melba (1987)



Director/Writer: Rodney Fisher

Linda Cropper … Nellie Mitchell Armstrong ‘Melba’
Hugo Weaving … Charles Armstrong
Jon Ewing … John Norton
Peter Carroll … David Mitchell
Tom Burlinson … Sid Meredith
Noel Ferrier … J.C. Williamson
Nell Schofield … Belle Patterson
Christopher Pate
June Bronhill … Annie Montagu
Dorothy Alison … Elizabeth Mitchell (as Dorothy Allison)
Googie Withers … Lady Armstrong
Simon Burke … John McCormack
Joan Greenwood … Madame Mathilde Marchesi
Jean-Pierre Aumont … Comte de Paris
Julie Haseler … Annie Box

The series follows the life story of Dame Melba, groundbreaking Australian opera diva and icon. Episodes range from her initial immigration to the colony as a restricted Scotswoman, to her tempestuous marriage to pom adventurer Charles Armstrong (Hugo Weaving); the struggle for independence and the right to choose her own life which will see her loosing her family for European fame; an ill-fated romance with the Duc d’Orleans, her Diva days in her maturing years and the subsequent reunification with her adult son lost to divorce. But her true love and family will always remain Opera.

[tenderly] “Damn you, Nellie, damn you. Why do you get my hopes up when you know I can never compete with the other love of your life?”

[angrily] “Damn you! I sacrificed everything for you. I turned my back on the life I wanted. I swallowed my pride. And why? Why? To be led on. And on. And on”

Charles: “Well, you’ve made a life for yourself. Good luck you because it’s got nothing to do with me”
Nellie: “What about George?”
Charles: [distraught]”My son? Keep him. Keep everything”

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