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Naked: Stories of Men – Coral Island (1996)



Directors: Neil Armfield, Michael Carson
Writers: Tony Ayres (concept), Nick Enright (episode)

TV Series: “Naked: Stories of Men” (1996)
Original Air Date: 3 March 1996 (Season 1, Episode 1)

Nigel Collin … Brendan Casey
Lewis Fitz-Gerald … Stanky
Peter Hardy … Gibbo
David Hatherly … Young Julian
Anthony Hayes … Young Gibbo
Chris Janes … Head waiter
John Keightley … Rector
Jason Leeuw … Young Snowy
Alvaro Marques … Photographer
Tim McKenzie … Blainey
Joss McWilliam … Julian Lucas
James Millar … Young Blainey
Ben Newberry … Pool Player
Troy O’Hearn … Young Stanky
Shannon Rawlings … Young Casey
Steve Rodgers … Snowy Craven
Justin Rosniak … Sean Furlong
James Rowlandson … Young Martin
Hugo Weaving … Martin Furlong
Simon Westaway … Father Breslin
Frank Whitten … Father Dunfree

Anthology series of contemporary dramas centered on the theme of masculinity and what it means to be a man in the world today.

A school reunion brings together four men in their late thirties. In an atmosphere where the tender experiences of youth are present and childhood attachments and betrayals still cause pain, they are forced to acknowledge that the institution which has taught them to compete in a rational world hasn’t given them the means to express their emotions to those closest to them.

As events unfold, an inability to deal with present crises suggests an incompleteness in their education which have grave and lasting consequences.

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