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Russian Doll (2001)



Director: Stavros Kazantzidis
Writers: Stavros Kazantzidis, Allanah Zitserman


Hugo Weaving ... Harvey David Wenham ... Ethan Rebecca Frith ...Miriam Sacha Horler ... Liza Helen Dallimore ...Alison Natasha Novak ...Katia (as Natalia Novikova) Alan Lovell ... Max Davenport Felicity Price ... Phaedra Laurie Foell ... Eve Davenport (as Laurie Foel) Todd Worden ... Eve's Lover Brigid Dixon ... Jessica< Peter Beaumont ... Robert Peter Astridge ... Alison's Lover Alexandre Zilberman ... Taxi driver (as Alex Zilberman) Mark Zitserman ... Mr. Daniel[/tab]

The plot is pretty straight forward: when Katia (N. Novikova), a beautiful Russian bride to be arrives in Australia to find her intended husband has died, she finds comfort in the arms of Ethan (D. Wenham), a married book publisher who quickly succumbs to her charms.

The problem is that without a husband she can’t stay in the country, so Ethan asks his best friend Harvey (H. Weaving) to marry Katia. Still hurting from his girlfriend’s betrayal and bored with his job as a private investigator, Harvey eventually accepts the offer (along with a cash incentive that will enable him to write the novel he has always dreamed of). But living together proves to be quite an adventure!

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“I think I’m doomed, doomed to wander the earth alone…”

“See, there’s two kinds of people, the faithful and the unfaithful, and it’s just luck if you’re married to the right kind.”

“Yeah, it’s hard to dance at two weddings at the same time.”

Ethan: “The thing is…can you marry her?”
Harvey: “What if I meet someone and I wanna merry then?”
Ethan: “That’s highly unlikely.”
Harvey: “Why?”
Ethan: “Harvey, Harvey it’s going to take you a year you or two for you to get over Allison, always does before you start seeing someone.”
Harvey: “What about this Fedra, apparently we’re perfect for each other.”
Ethan: “Harvey, get real…”
Harvey: “Thanks, thanks for the moral support…my first date in six months and I’m doomed already”

Harvey: “There’s nothing, nothing you can say that’ll make me do this…nothing”
Ethan: “Ok, ok…I’ll pay you.”
Harvey: “You what?”
Ethan: “Yeah, I’ll pay you, give you some money to live on and you don’t have to worry about the rent”
Harvey: “You can’ dot that.”
Ethan: “Harvey look you need to quit that dead-end job.”
Harvey: “Hey, I like what I do, it has integrity.”
Ethan: “Harvey, take the money. And start to write that book you’ve been talking about for the last ten years.”
Harvey: “Are you asking me to sell my soul, is that right?”

“I know it’s not my fault, I just can’t help it. I’ve always been like that, ever since I was a kid I blame myself for everything, from my parents divorce to the famines in Africa.”

“I’ve always been faithful in my relationships with women. What good has that done?”

Katia: “So, Ethan forgot to tell me your starsign?”
Harvey: “I’m a Capricorn.”
Katia: “No, how amazing. I’m a Virgo, we’re very compatible, we balance each other out.”
Harvey: “Do you believe in all that stuff`?”
Katia: “Naturally, I’m a Virgo, we believe in astrology. And you’re Capricorn so you don’t.”
Harvey: *Love is blind!*

Harvey: “I’m a catholic turned atheist, how can I have a Jewish wedding?”
Katia: “She didn’t say it had to be real, just that it had to be Jewish.”
Miriam: “So how long did you guys think you’d get away with that.”
Miriam: “You know what they say, married in a hurry stuck for life, isn’t that right darling?”

Katia: “If you gonna do something wrong at least enjoy it.”
Harvey: “Oh well, that’s a great thing to believe in.”
Katia: “I believe in something. What do you believe in?”
Harvey: “Well, I try not to believe in anything in that way I never get disappointed.”

Katia: “I think we gonna hate each other just fine.”

“I’m lying to my friends, I’m suddenly Jewish…I’m lonely.”

Katia: “I don’t want to be a homewrecker.”

Katia: “I’m starving.”
Harvey: “There’s some chicken in the fridge.”
Katia: “No, no, let’s go out.”
Harvey: “You and me.”
Katia: “Yeah”
Harvey: “I have to think it over. Ok.
Katia: “But one thing”
Harvey: “What?”
Katia: “I’m not going anywhere with you dressed like that.”

Liza: “So, Harvey do you have a girlfriend.”
Harvey: “No.”
Liza: “How interesting. What do you do?”
Harvey: “I drink a lot.”
Liza: “What a coincidence, me too.”

Harvey: “She managed to tell me her whole life story in one dance.”
Katia: “Took that long eh?”
Katia: “So what happened?”
Harvey: “Alright, one word: unfaithfulness.”
Katia: “You know Harvey, I think Lisa got the hots for you.”
Harvey: “Yeah?”
Katia: “Yeah, I think you should ask her out.”
Harvey: “Yeah…”
Katia: “Yeah, you know I’m a very good matchmaker.”
Harvey: “Yeah…”
Katia: “Yeah, I saw great chemistry between you two.”
Harvey: “Was that before or after she threw up on me.”
(awkward moment) Katia: “Gonna go to bed.”
Harvey: “Good night.:
Katia: “Good night.    I had a great night…But I still hate you.”
Harvey: “Likewise.”

Katia: “But did you see her face when she saw me?”
Harvey: “No, what?”
Katia: “She turned into a green-eyed monster.”
Harvey: “Really?”
Katia: “Yeah, and her fiancée couldn’t get his eyes off my tits.”
Harvey: “Sure?”
Katia: “Absolutely positive.”
Harvey: “Well, they are hard to miss…”
Katia: “I’m gonna make some tea.”

Harvey: “I’m just wandering around trying to find some rope to hang myself with.”

Katia: “I haven’t read a book in my life, what am I doing with a book publisher?”

Katia: “So that’s the good news, do you wanna tell me the bad?”

(about drinking) “It’s not an answer, but it will help.”
“Harvey you drink too much.”

Harvey: “Look…are you sure about Katia?”
Ethan: “Hey, come on, can’t this wait?”
Harvey: “No, no, look…What if I have feelings?”

“All this lying, it’s getting to me. A lie is like a little piece of string…that forms itself into a rope and that creates…a noose around your neck..”

“She was upset and got out of hand…I enjoyed it. No, I don’t think I did, it was more mechanical…does that count?”

“You little devil…bonking your best friend’s girl and now marrying her. Oh God, what am I thinking, it’s terrible. Who have I become?”

“I don’t want to be involved anymore. She’s your mistress Ethan, it’s your problem so you deal with it. Just leave me alone…”

Miriam: “So, seeing anyone?”
Harvey: “No Miriam.”
Miriam: “Why not?”
Harvey: “Maybe some of us are doomed to wander the earth alone…”
Miriam: “Don’t be stupid!”
Miriam: “You miss her, don’t you?”
Harvey: “Who?”Miriam: “You know who!”

Katia: “Is this an insane coincidence?”
Harvey: “I was hoping…maybe…it was destiny…”

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