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Strange Planet (1999)



Director: Emma-Kate Croghan
Writers: Emma-Kate Croghan, Stavros Kazantzidis (also story)


Claudia Karvan … Judy
Naomi Watts … Alice
Alice Garner … Sally
Tom Long … Ewan
Aaron Jeffery … Joel
Felix Williamson … Neil
Hugo Weaving … Steven
Rebecca Frith … Amanda
Marshall Napier … Robert
Loene Carmen … Amy
Heidi McDonald … Bridget
Harry Cripps … Paul
Rebel Penfold-Russell … Producer
Hugh Baldwin … Bob
Helen Thomson … Lulu

Judy, Alice and Sally are the best friends and roommates. Judy (Claudia Karvan) thinks that turning into a ruthless career woman will help her overcome her infatuation wit older, married men. Alice (Naomi Watts) needs to get over a broken heart and learn to live a little, and Sally (Alice Garner) just wants to experience everything and anything life has to offer.

Ewan, Joel and Neil are partners in a law firm. Ewan (Tom Long) hates his grown-up life as a lawyer and quits. Joel’s (Aaron Jeffrey – The Interview) perfect world is shattered when his wife leaves him, and lonely Neil (Felix Williamson) is desperately seeking someone to love, anyone will do!

Over the course of a year – from New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Eve – they chase fulfillment and love, but wherever they turn, they find something completely different. Finally, a chance meeting at a remote beach house brings the six friends together. (from the DVD cover)

“Me and Amanda…we’re doing fine. But I want a divorce…”

Amanda: “What are you doing here Steven?”
Steven: “Well, I went over to the house but I couldn’t get in.”
Amanda: “…what did you expect, I changed the locks…”

Steven: “Do I know you?”
Judy: “I’m Amanda’s assistant.”
Steven: “Ah, I remember. She didn’t pay you to do this, did she?”

Judy: “This is embarrassing…ehm…I…I ran into your car on purpose…to get to meet you.”
Steven: “Really…? I’m very impressed…”

Judy: “I’m sick of love and I’m completely over old men!”
Steven: “What do you mean old?!”

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