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That Eye, The Sky (1994)


Burning House

Playwrights: Richard Roxburgh and Justin Monjo from Tim Winton’s novel
Director: Richard Roxburg

David Wenham … Ort
Rachel Szalay … Alice
Hugo Weaving … Henry Warburton
Susan Prior … Tegwyn
Steve Rodgers … Fat Cherry

It is the funny and moving story of young Ort Flack trying to come to terms with getting older, his father’s near fatal car accident, a strange cloud that hangs over their Western Australia home, and a tormented stranger who might just be there for wicked purposes…

Adapted (with Justin Monjo) from Tim Winton’s novel. The play was nominated for Best Play by the Sydney Theatre Critics’ Circle, the New South Wales Literary Board, and The Adelaide Festival Board, in 1995.

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