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The Blind Giant is Dancing (1995)


Company B, Belvoir Street Theatre

Playwright: Stephen Sewell
Director: Neil Armfield

Hugo Weaving … Allen Fitzgerald
Cate Blanchett … Rose Draper
Catherine McClements … Louise Fitzgerald
Peter Carroll … Doug Fitzgerald
Russell Keifel … Michael Wells
Kerry Walker … Eileen Fitzgerald
Jason Clarke … Bruce Fitzgerald
Jacek Koman … Ramon
Ralph Cotterill … Graham White/Sir Leslie Harris
Steve Rodgers … Bruce Lang
Gillian Jones … Janice Lang/Diane/Jane

Allen, a social economist, is a man of idealistic and principled origins and a committed worker for the left — but he has familial poison running in his veins. As his struggle with the leader of his party’s dominant right faction drifts helplessly from the political to the personal, Allen becomes increasingly controlled by the cold and unyielding anger passed on to him by his steelworker father. This is distinctive Sewell territory, where individual lives are equally at the mercy of powerful external forces as they are of scarcely understood drives within.

Louise: “Are normal people turning into cockroaches?”
Allen: “I’m absolutely certain I’m turning into a cockroach”

“I didn’t realise we were talking about the utility of emotions”

On the sexually-loaded first conversation with Rose: “Do I pay for this by the half hour, or what?”

To Louise: “You don’t know how alone I am”

To Rose: “You seem to ooze this air of mysterious sensuality like a fucking squid’s ink or some damn thing”

“You’ve convinced me love doesn’t exist: it’s just the selfish rape of another”

“We’re the corpses of hope”

“I know what I’ve become”

[To his brother, on visiting a brothel, owned by a political rival]: “I wanted to feel everything that stinking deal meant. I wanted that horror, that degradation, because if I was going to do it, I wanted it all. I’m lost, Bruce. Get out before I burn you”

“The world is a perfect reflection of the human heart”

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