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The Custodian (1993)



Director/Writer: John Dingwall


Anthony LaPaglia … Det. Sgt. James Quinlan
Hugo Weaving … Det. Church
Barry Otto … Ferguson
Kelly Dingwall … Reynolds
Bill Hunter … Managing director
Gosia Dobrowolska … Josie
Essie Davis … Jilly
Skye Wansey … Claire Ferguson
Khristina Totos … Pixie Church (as Christina Totos)
Naomi Watts … Louise
Joy Smithers … Helen Quinlan
Tim McKenzie … Beetson
Norman Kaye … Judge
Steven Grives … Brennan
Bogdan Koca … Psychologist

Quinlan (Anthony LaPaglia) is a dedicated cop, and one of the few that isn’t on the take. But Quinlan knows the score, and decides if you can’t beat’em, join’em. He sets up an elaborate scheme to ensnare the guilty parties. He cannot confide in anyone, because he does not know how far up the chain of command the corruption goes. Quinlan’s life will never be the same again. He lies, cheats and bends the rules, because he’s the last of the honest cop. (from the DVD cover).

Frank: “If I let you steal from me, everyone steals from me. If I kill you, word gets out I’m no pushover…”

James: “…we’re a dying breed.”
Frank: “Yes, you are…:

James: “You kill a man and he dies once…you kill the thing a mongrel dog cherishes most and , he dies a little each day for the rest of his life…”

James: “Be careful, that thing might go off…”

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