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The Kiss (1998)



Director: Alan Lovell
Runtime: 7 min

Peter Brown … Bob
Zoe Carides … Sue
Hugo Weaving … Frank

Bob is a car nut who’s oblivious to his wife Sue’s need for some amorous action and Barry’s (his gay neighbor) unrequited affections. When Sue mistakes the legs sticking out under her hubby’s car for Bob’s and decides to take action, who can tell where events will lead?

“I’ve pulled out more big ends than Julian Clary”

Bob: “Do you reckon it might need a head job?”
Barry: “Yeah…[pause. Barry leans in, smiling, nose about an inch away from Bob’s]…well, could do with one myself” [pause. Barry continues to smile, moving imperceptibly closer]

Post-coital miscommunication
Bob: “What’s the verdict?”
Barry [surprised, slightly shaken  but smiling broadly]: “Wonderful”
Bob: [oblivious, talking about the car] It’s a nice unit. Smooth as silk.
Barry: What’s your wife think?
Bob: She doesn’t give a toss. I mean, what does she know about it?
Barry: [smiling expectantly]: You want me to have a go?
Bob: Yeah, [sees the lump of Sue’s Nicorette gum on the car] yeah sure. [slightly puzzled] Go if you like. [Barry is checking out Bob, Bob is only focused on the lump of gum and it dawns on him what has happened]

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