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The Magic Pudding (2000)



Director: Karl Zwicky
Writers: Harry Cripps, Greg Haddrick


Sam Neill … Sam Sawnoff (voice)
Hugo Weaving … Bill Barnacle (voice)
John Cleese … Albert, The Magic Pudding (voice)
Geoffrey Rush … Bunyip Bluegum (voice)
Dave Gibson … Uncle Wattleberry/Possum (voice)
John Laws … Rumpus Bumpus (voice)
Greg Carroll … Watkin Wombat (voice)
Peter Gwynne … Benjamin Brandysnap (voice)
Michael Veitch … Bandicoot (voice)
Robyn Moore … Henrietta Hedgehog (voice)
Jack Thompson … Buncle (voice)
Mary Coustas … Ginger (voice)
Sandy Gore … Frog on the Log (voice)
Toni Collette … Meg Bluegum (voice)
Roy Billing … Tom Bluegum (voice)

The Magic Pudding has been a classic Australian children’s story for a long time. This movie is not the story that has been read to generations of Australian children, because the original story was not really one suited to turning into a movie.

It is a new plot, but one patterned around the familiar characters. This new story concerns Bunyip Bluegum’s (Geoffrey Rush) search for his parents, after being raised by two uncles (one played by John Laws). As he sets out on his journey he is bowled over by The Pudding (played by John Cleese). He is then assaulted by Sam Sawnoff (Sam Neill) and Bill Barnacle (Hugo Weaving) – the pudding owners – who believe him to be a pudding thief.

“Let go of our puddin’., you large-bellied beached whale!”

“That’s the most bunfoodlin’ idea I ever heard”

“The Noble Society of Puddin’ Owners ‘re sworn to protect the puddin'”

“Nothin’ gives a puddin’ thief away like a fruit and nutcake with chocolate sprinkles on top – we’ll thump yer heads”

“Blasted poltroon”

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