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True Love and Chaos (1997)



Director/Writer: Stavros Kazantzidis


Naveen Andrews … Hanif
Kimberley Davies … Ariel
Ben Mendelsohn … Jerry
Miranda Otto … Mimi
Noah Taylor … Dean
Hugo Weaving … Morris
Geneviève Picot … Hannah
Saskia Post … Sam
Hung Le … Crazy Craig
Marieke Hardy … Out of it Woman
Pia Manning … Country Singer
Des Mullan … Country Singer
Antoinette Halloran … Country Singer
Matthew Dyktynski … Rusty
David G. Bowers … Neil

Set in the world of bars, motels and endless highways, True Love and Chaos is a gritty film about the need to love. It follows the topsy-turvy relationship of four people, driving across Australia, and their descent into chaos.

Mimi (M. Otto), who yearns to discover her absent father, naively believes that her boyfriend, Hanif (N. Andrews), has given up crime. She wants him to drive to Perth with her, where she plans to reconcile with her estranged mother (G. Picot). But Hanif is reluctant to leave Melbourne until he and his friend, Dean (N. Taylor), decide to steal a cache of drugs from Dean’s “psycho” brother, Jerry. They do and use Mimi’s trip to make their escape.

Along the way Morris (H. Weaving), a charming drunk, joins the trip, however his presence causes friction amongst the group, sending their relationship into a spin and exposing their weakness. When Jerry finally catches up with Hanif and Dean all hell breaks lose. (from the DVD cover)

Mimi: “You shouldn’t drink so much…”
Morris: “Why not ?”
Mimi: “It’s bad for you…”
Morris: “You’re joking!”

“You shouldn’t have sung so well. Then we would have won the chicken…”

“Don’t worry: he didn’t steal anything…only my life…”

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